Extending Convenience to Ruskin’s Customers

At Ruskin®, we have always taken product quality and shipping logistics very seriously – especially when our customers need rapid delivery of high-quality dampers and louvers. We understand that sometimes speed on certain jobs can mean everything to our valued customers. Expanding on our popular ‘Ruskin Express’ program, including Next Day, 72 Hour, 5-Day or 10-Day, we now also offer Same Day Build and Shipping out of Ruskin’s Mira Loma plant located in the heart of California. With manufacturing centers and our vast network of representatives across the country, Ruskin is positioned to meet the critical delivery requirements of today’s fast-paced construction industry.

In extending our shipping program we hope to extend convenience to our customers. We will deliver your shipment with reliability and speed to your desired destination.

Meeting the Demand for Extreme Conditions in Tunnels

Future projections for the North American tunneling industry are extremely positive. With populations and infrastructure expanding in major cities there is a continued need for more tunnels to move people and freight around efficiently. Air quality, air control and in the worst scenario smoke control within road and rail tunnels is a huge consideration for design engineers. Dependable equipment needs to be specified for these demanding tunnel environments.

Ruskin® tunnel ventilation dampers are relied upon worldwide for controlling and supplying air to commuters underground. These specialized dampers provide fire protection as well as purge and smoke control during emergency conditions. By using a combination of stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum, Ruskin tunnel dampers can withstand the harshest conditions, including the constantly changing environments found in most tunnels.

Every damper is built with performance in mind and is designed to meet or exceed AMCA (Air Movement Control Association) specifications. Since most industrial systems cannot be shut down for normal periodic maintenance, our products are designed to support options such as exposed linkages and outboard bearing packages. These facilitate easy maintenance while the system is operational.

Each damper is thoroughly checked, tested and cycled before it is delivered to site. In addition to this and to make certain each damper performs to specifications, leakage and performance requirements are verified through Ruskin’s Research and Development department. Ruskin has developed an on-site AMCA registered air performance laboratory. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, this test facility has three high capacity wind tunnels. These test tunnels help Ruskin simulate demanding wind and air handling situations and are ideal for testing leakage and pressure drop replicating tunnel environments.

Ruskin works with a variety of materials, including galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and fiberglass in order to match our customer’s exact specifications. By molding and forming these materials, we can develop dampers to fit almost any application.

Learn more about Ruskin’s tunnel ventilation solutions HERE

AMCA International Holds First Air System Engineering and Technology Conference-US

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, March 19, 2018 – Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International Inc. welcomed 90 consulting and application engineers, HVAC technicians, code officials, and product designers to San Antonio, Texas, March 6 and 7 for the inaugural Air System Engineering and Technology (ASET) Conference–US (ASET-US).

The technical program was divided into two tracks—Air-Systems Design and Air Products & Technologies—with attendees free to attend sessions across tracks.

Jim Smardo, director of louvers and architectural systems, Ruskin®, discussed sizing, selection, and specification of rain- and hurricane-resistant louvers.

Read the full AMCA Press Release Here

Hands-on Ruskin® Product Training with Mussun Sales, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio

Hands-on training experience can greatly complement other training mediums. Mussun Sales Inc. founded in 1951, representing Ruskin® from Cleveland Ohio, have a 50,000 square foot facility incorporating offices, a warehouse and an up to date Learning Center.  Here within their comprehensive training and application lunch and learn sessions, they bring contractors and engineers up to speed on Ruskin® mechanical and architectural solutions. They show the right products for the right application and correct installation methods.

The Mussun team demonstrate Fire Dampers, Fire/Smoke Dampers and Ceiling Fire Dampers such as a correctly installed UL-approved CFDR7T in a typical arrangement with a suspended ceiling. They are also currently working on setting up a rig for the new Ruskin®  TDP05K Thermal Dispersion Air Measuring Probe.

Mussun takes the lead and shows how important it is to see products installed as they would be within an actual real-world field environment and assist contractors and engineers understand them better.

To take advantage of Mussun Sales product training contact Joe Mantey, jmantey@mussun.com or cleveland@mussun.com

Two New MiniCore Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) Offer Energy Savings and Improved IAQ

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) recapture conditioned air to reduce energy usage in HVAC systems. Ruskin® Energy Recovery Ventilators are the perfect choice for reducing the HVAC loads required in buildings while at the same time providing better comfort, better indoor air quality, and better energy efficiency.

Ruskin® is proud to release two new ERV units, the MiniCore enERVent MCV500 and MCV1000. They provide energy recovery for indoor applications ranging from 300 to 1,200 CFM.  Both models are contained within a compact 16-inch chassis, making them ideal for application in ceilings and small spaces for environments such as educational facilities and office buildings. They also include advanced Johnson Controls Metasys® controls with BACnet as options. The best-in-class hygroscopic resin energy recovery core has no moving parts contributing to maintenance savings and long-lasting comfort.

To learn more about the Ruskin® enERVent MCV500 and MCV1000 MiniCore ERVs, visit https://www.ruskin.com/model/mcv500-mcv1000.

To watch the MiniCore Feature Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/TG4Xh4E1f3Y